join the Ascension Soul Journeys and discover how Archangel Michael, the Solar Dragons, the Unicorns, and Kuan Yin can uplift your life today!

The Perfect Union of Color, Sound and Energy gives life to the Ascension Soul Journeys!

During the series of four recorded meditation journeys, you will be guided to connect with the amazing and wonderfully illuminating energies of Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael, the Solar Dragons, and the Unicorns.

We will guide you with enchanting music and our voice during these empowering Soul Journeys, and you will be connecting more and more to your highest soul potential. Opening the portals to higher dimensions, the Ascension Soul Journeys will deepen our spiritual intuitive channels.

Bathe your aura in the channeled light codes, the divine colors, and let us help you to accelerate your spiritual evolution and well-being.


During each of the four meditation journeys, you may receive personal energy transmissions and insights for your life.

You may see in your inner vision meaningful colors and symbols. Discover what messages they hold for you!

In meditation we will project the Sacred Images that have been created specifically for the Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael, Solar Dragon and the Unicorn energies. Direct the screen of your device towards your body to absorb the light-codes into your aura.

Together, let us elevate our energy, not just for ourselves, but also for our beautiful planet, benefitting all, under grace, in a perfect way. Let us become the light that shines the way forward.

With love and many blessings!

Giselle aka Birkan Tore

& Doni Amoris


Ascension Soul Journeys

Watch anytime on any device from the comfort of your home!

Course Content

#1 Archangel Michael

Connect with Divine Clarity and Protection

122 minutes

#2 The Solar Dragons

Connect with Divine Joy and Abundance

127 minutes

#3 The Unicorns

Connect with Divine Beauty and Light

126 minutes

#4 Kuan Yin

Connect with Divine Love and Compassion

133 minutes

Each recorded journey includes practical tips and channeled information to assist in your daily life.


Energy Exchange

Lifetime Access

What People Say

The energy transmissions and activations of the four recorded journeys are unique to each person and will unfold their full potential in divine timing. This means that the healing power of the transmissions will continue for weeks and months to come.

about the Facilitators

We live in extraordinary times. This is a sacred time to follow our heart's calling and co-create a world that supports the well-being and happiness of all. We feel so blessed to be able to share our gifts of love with you. We invite you to explore deeper how our work can help you to reconnect with the fullest potential of your inner Light.

Giselle aka Birkan Tore


Doni Amoris